How to Use Telespace

Telespace has two parts: the app and this website. You can stream yourself with the app, and watch someone else streaming with this website. Let's start with how to stream.

How to Stream Yourself

First, you need an iPhone that supports facial recognition. Join our beta program with your iPhone, follow Apple's instructions, then you will get our app on your phone.

After installing our app, open it, type a room number, then press enter. In the video below, a user starts streaming in room #5.

How to Watch Someone Else (or Yourself)

Now let's try entering room #5, the user created in the above example. Go to the front page (press our logo at the top of this page), then you will see the list of rooms. Between them, click the room with the number that you want to watch. After entering to room, you can move and rotate. With a computer, press WASD to move, and drag with your mouse to rotate. With a phone, use the joystick on the left-bottom to move, and drag with your finger to rotate.